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Fees, Subscriptions & Cancellation Policy

Class payment remains split over 12 equal instalments, taken by direct debit on the 1st of each month. All subscriptions are worked out individually based on the number of specific classes scheduled for the academic year. All closures and bank holidays are taken into account for calculation.

Specific class rates can be found on the booking page of each class on

Cover payments for new starters:

A covering payment is an additional one-off charge that is added to your first monthly subscription. This charge is to cover any unpaid classes attended before your first monthly payment is taken.

Failure to Pay Monthly Subscription: If we are unable to collect your monthly subscription payment on the 1st of the month we will attempt to take payment 3 days later, and then 5 days thereafter. After which, we will attempt to contact you to restore your subscription. Late fees will be added to failed subscriptions. Should your payment fail on the 1st you will incure a £5 fee, this will be added to the subscription the following month. A second failed payment incurs a £7.50 fee, a third failed payment incurs a £10.00 fee. Students are not permitted to attend class until the account is out of arrears. Please update your bank details on your Class4Kids account or contact us asap.

 The cost of all classes vary and can be found on the individual booking pages. These costs include all membership and insurance fees. We do not offer refunds for classes or trial sessions.


​Multiple class discount:

We are proud to offer a range of multiple class discounts at The Hebden School of Dancing.

               NUMBER OF CLASSES                           DISCOUNT
               2 classes per week                                   15% off total bill
               3 classes per week                                   20% off total bill
               4 classes per week or more                     25% off total bill

Please note you will not be charged until the 1st of the following month when the discount has been applied. This discount does not apply to trials. We do not offer additional sibling discount.

Term dates will be sent out in advance of each new term and can be found on our website. These are subject to change at anytime as authorised by the Principal.

Your child will automatically be included every term in their current class. If you wish to leave or change classes please see “Cancellation of Subscription” below.

No Attendance due to Injury:

If your child is unable to carry on with his/her classes due to an illness or injury as suggested by their doctor, there are 2 options available to you:

Option 1. To guarantee your child's place in their class upon recovery, you can continue paying your monthly subscription at the following reduced rate (depending on which class your child attends) and we will reserve their place in the class. This reduced rate is ONLY APPLICABLE to the FIRST MONTH AFTER INJURY, supported by a doctor's note.

Upper School  plan - £20 for the month

Lower School plan - £15 for the month

Option 2. Immediate cancellation without notice*. This does not guarantee your child's place in the class upon recovery due to availability, however if requested we can put their name to the top of the class waiting list.

*For immediate cancellation please see “Cancellation of Subscription” below.​

Failure to Pay Monthly Subscription: If we are unable to collect your monthly subscription payment on the 1st of the Month we will attempt to take payment 3 days later, and then 5 days thereafter. After which, we will attempt to contact you to restore your subscription. If your subscription payment is not up to date by the 14th of the month your child and place in the class will be removed and offered to someone else.  Please update your bank details on your Class4Kids account or contact us asap.

Childcare Vouchers, Child Tax Credits, Universal Credit and more...

All parents wishing to pay using Tax Free Childcare / Childcare Vouchers must still have a current Class4kids subscription. The subscription will be paused unless payment from the relevant childcare scheme is not received by the 25th of the month prior to when payment is due. (For example: payment needs to show in the HSD account by 25th August 2022 to cover the payment due on 1st September 2022). Please ensure you allow at least three to five working days for the transfer to be made from your account. Should payment not be received in the HSD account by this date the subscription will resume and parents will forfeit the right to use vouchers for this month. On receipt of a payment by the next month’s deadline date the subscription will once again be paused. This alleviates the need for parents to pay and await a Class4kids refund of their original subscription.

These alternative payments must be received by the outlined date otherwise the Class4kids subscription will be processed accordingly and this will not be reversed.

We plan our classes on a termly basis and to get the most out of the club and your child’s interest in dance we encourage you to join with a commitment to completing each term in full. Your payments are on a running subscription with monthly payments meaning you do not need to re-book each term as you will automatically be re-enrolled.  

To process a cancellation in line with our terms & conditions please use the submission form found below.

30 days’ notice is required if a student decides to no longer participate in classes. If the required notice is not received, the full payment of the pupil’s fees for the following month will not be refunded. 30 days notice is processed from the date the form below is completed. Our cancellation period is clearly stated under the terms & agreement section when signing up on ClassForKids. Should any account remain in arrears following cancellation, the account will become subject to late fees and possible court action.

When you cancel your membership we will send an email in acknowledgement to confirm the date that your subscription will end. Your child is entitled to attend classes until then. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, you must assume that we have not received your cancellation notice.

If you would like to come back, (we hope you do!), you may need to go on a waiting list as we unfortunately can’t guarantee availability in the same class.

Attendance: If a child can not attend a class for any reason, we cannot transfer their class to another member or provide a refund. Where an alternative class is available we can process a switch.​

We have over 70 weekly classes here at HSD. If you simply need to find a different class to suit your family schedule please see

Change of Class Request 

Otherwise please complete the form below to proceed with cancellation...

We're sorry to see you go! We will be in touch to confirm your cancellation in the next 30 days. Please note cancellations are not instant, in line with our cancellation policy. Our office will review your individual account and provide you with an email within the cancellation period.


FAQs for parents

Why do I need to pay during the summer holidays?

The monthly payment you pay is your ANNUAL COST of attending split into 12 equal monthly payments. This means payments is still due where holidays occur. This is the simplest and more affordable way to pay for your children's classes.

What if my child no longer wants to attend?

You can submit cancellation via our form on our "Fees & Subscriptions" page. Our cancellation period is 30 days.

Can I still pay in a different way?

No. After much research we have came to the decision that monthly payment is the most convenient and affordable way to take payments for all parents. Streamlining our payment options allows us to keep our admin to a minimum, and focus on teaching and continually improve classes.

Do I get a refund for missed classes?

No, your payment secures your child's place on that class register for the academic year and is not based on a week by week attendance.

Can I pause my place and come back?

We can not guarantee your place will still available and we are unable to pause payments. Should you wish to re-join after cancelling (and we hope you do) you can re-book online or join our waiting lists until a space becomes available.

If I cancel can I still come to classes during the cancellation period?

You are entitled to still attend classes during your 30 day cancellation period. You will receive an email confirming your final date once your cancellation has been received.  

Why do you have a cancellation period?

Our administration system is always set up a month in advance and all cancellations must have a processing time. Alongside the administrative side of cancellations every teacher lesson plans for their class at least a term in advance and our registers are carefully monitored by our faculty and admin teams to ensure students are receiving the best experience and personal tuition available. When a student cancels it means re-evaluating that class, any examination or performance plans and any student registrations applicable to that session. 

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