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Dance Examination Procedure

Full information, invite and payment request is sent out to dance parents many months in advance. We will give you a proposed examination date to begin with (usually a Friday evening or a weekend) and we will then allocate you a specific day and time closer to the exam itself when communication has been made with our allocated examiner. The full invite will include a link to book and this will direct you to the correct exam on

On the examination day students will arrive 30 mins before their exam time, their hair will be presented in a style suitable for the exam and they will be dressed in their usual tidy class uniform, unless otherwise stated. For Ballet exams the girls are required to have clean ballet shoes with elastics. They must fit snug and not be oversized. 

An external examiner from the International Dance Teacher's Association will conduct the exam. Students will be entered in groups of up to 3 for a full exam or up to 8 for a rosette, star dance or class award.
Students enter without a teacher for the full exam or with a teacher for class awards/rosette & stardance awards.
The examiner will only ask for the exercises or in some cases free work, the examiner will not demonstrate.
The examiner may in some classes ask questions relating to the syllabus and terminology.

There may be additional exam coaching sessions prior to the exams and it is vital that these are attended, as well as extra timetabled classes where available.
100% class attendance is expected on the run up to exams.
If we don't feel the student is quite ready after exam coaching but before the timetable is submitted I will withdraw the student from their exam and the exam fee will be refunded. If a student has failed to attend regular classes and/or extra coaching classes we have the right to remove a student from the examination timetable and no refund will be issued.

Examinations take a lot of organising and can only take place if there are enough students to make up a whole day. Once the exam timetable has been submitted cancellations cannot be made this is usually 8 weeks prior to the exam date.

Once the exam invoice has been paid this is non-refundable.

Exam Coaching Fee …...£6.50 per 30 min session (minimum of 2 for a full exam.)
Exam Fees (set by I.D.T.A)

Prices are subject to change and reflect an annual price increase within the IDTA fees. 

Primary Full Exam - £29.99

Grade 1 Full Exam - £35.99

Grade 2 Full Exam - £37.99

Grade 3 Full Exam - £41.99

Grade 4 Full Exam - £44.99

Grade 5 Full Exam - £52.99

Classwork Awards 1-3 are priced at £16.99 

Classwork Awards 4-6 are priced at £21.99

Rosette awards are available for 4-8 year olds to collect each colour per exam session priced at £15.00

Stardance awards are available for 8-13 year olds to collect badges per exam session priced at £15.00

No extra coaching required

Medals are available in Gymnastic Dance (acrobatics), tap, modern jazz, freestyle & street dance.

These can be taken solo, duo or troupe at the discretion of the teacher.

Pre-Juvenile £15.60

Juvenile £16.30

Preliminary £17.30

Bronze £20.50

Silver £21.50

Gold £23.30

1st Gold Bar £25.80

2nd Gold Bar £27.40

3rd Gold Bar £31.80

Street dance students can collect a number of coloured awards called "one dance routines" priced at £14.60.

IDTA examinations are accredited by Ofqual

Examination F.A.Q's


  • Where are the exams held?

Main Studio, PE1 4YZ

  • What time do we need to arrive?

At least an hour before your exam time.

  • How long is the exam?

It depends on which grade but generally between 10-15mins

  • What does my child need to wear?

Usual class uniform, freshly washed and pressed. If doing ballet exams clean, well fitted shoes are required with elastic

  • How long do the results take to arrive?

4-6 weeks depending on the time of year.

  • When can my child move up to the next class?

Once they have taken their exam they can move to the next class irrelevant of whether they have received their results. If your child decides they don't want to take the exam they will be moved up to the next class along with the exam students after the exam has taken place, if i feel they are ready.

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