• Dance classes attended within the school are charged on a monthly subscription, set up when you register online via Class4Kids.

  • Payments are charged on the 1st each month.

  • Following attendance of a successful trial you will receive an email to confirm your place in class.

  • When joining mid month, payment may be requested to cover the first month's fee before beginning regular payments on the 1st.

  • Payment plans run 12 months of the year.

  •  There are 37 weeks in our academic year.

  • Classes, exams & additional activities are non-refundable.

  • All direct debits spread the cost of term time only classes. Bank holidays and school holidays are deducted at the time of payment plan set up. 

  •  Each payment plan is worked out specifically for each student.

  • We offer 10% discount for siblings or students taking multiple classes. The lower priced classes receive the discount.

  • Class Prices from September 2019

30min All Pre School classes - £5.00

45min Standard level classes - £6.00

·       Pre Primary – Grade 2 IDTA Ballet 

·       Junior/Mixed street/junior lyrical/rosette/acro classes

45min Higher level classes - £6.50

·       Grade 3 IDTA Ballet upwards

·       Advanced Acrobatics

·       Invitation Only Classes

60min Higher level classes - £7.00

·       Grade 5 IDTA Ballet upwards

·       Advanced Acrobatics

·       Intermediate Lyrical/Contemporary

·       Invitation Only Classes


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